Erion Packaging

An idea that has become a project.

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The management of packaging waste in Italy is historically entrusted to a single entity acting, in fact, as a monopolist.

In recent years, a need was expressed to transform this market into a more competitive structure, interpreting the provisions of Community legislation.

This opportunity, combined with the propensity for innovation that has always guided both Ecodom and Remedia Consortia (today Erion) and Interzero Italy, led us to embark on a new path. The idea of creating a specialized Producer Responsibility Organisation, Erion Packaging, is a natural evolution and a strategic response for Producers of EEE and BA who, by legislation, must adhere to a virtuous management model for the packaging waste related to their products.

Erion Packaging:
step by step

September 2018

Beginning of works

September/December 2018

Feasibility and market analysis

Technical-legal feasibility analysis for an autonomous system for Producers of packaging and collection and processing of quantitative data.

December 2018

Interzero Italy on board

Creation of the operational partnership with Interzero Italy, a company that specializes in environmental services and recycling, with particular reference to packaging waste and its management systems.

February 2019

A dedicated team

Establishment of a project team specialized in innovation and composed by experienced managers, legal advisors and technical partners (Interzero Italy).

April 2019

Planning and implementation

Strategy development, positioning and technical analysis aimed at drafting and filing the accreditation request.

July 2020

Establishment of the Producer Responsibility Organisation

Formation of the Producer Responsibility Organisation specialized in the management of packaging waste.

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