How Erion Packaging was created

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Erion Packaging originates from the will of the Producers of the Erion System to respond to the need, repeatedly expressed by the industry at European level, to expand to new players and make the Italian Packaging Waste chain more competitive.

This opportunity, combined with the propensity for innovation that distinguishes the Erion System, has prompted us to embark on a new course and create a specialized Compliance Scheme representing a strategic response for Producers of EEE and Batteries who, by law, are called upon to virtuously manage the Packaging Waste related to their products.

Erion Packaging:
step by step

September 2018

Start of work

September/December 2018

Feasibility and market analysis

Technical-legal feasibility analysis of an autonomous system for Packaging Producers and quantitative data collection and processing.

December 2018

Interzero on board

Establishment of an operational partnership with Interzero, a company specializing in environmental services and recycling, with a focus on Packaging Waste and its management systems.

February 2019

A dedicated team

Creation of a project team specialized in innovation and composed of experienced managers, legal advisors, technicians and partners (Interzero).

April 2019

Design and implementation

Development of strategy, positioning and technical analysis aimed at drafting and filing the application for accreditation.

July 2020

The Compliance Scheme is formed

The Compliance Scheme specializing in the management of Packaging Waste is established.

26 May 2021

Application for accreditation filed with the Ministry of Ecological Transition

Erion Packaging applies for accreditation to MiTE by officially submitting the Autonomous System project for the collection, recovery and recycling of Packaging Waste.

October 2021

Ecodesign the Future - Packaging edition

Erion Packaging promotes, together with magazine, the advanced training course “Ecodesign the Future: Packaging edition” dedicated to the practice and culture of eco-design of Packaging for Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

December 2021

Environmental labelling of packaging

February 2022

Advisory activities for Producers

While awaiting the MiTE’s accreditation, Erion Packaging launches consulting activities to Members on regulatory compliance, declarations of statutory contributions, labelling of Packaging, recyclability and environmental sustainability standards of products.

May 2022

Innovative services design

In line with the vision of improving and making the Italian Packaging chain more efficient and competitive, Erion Packaging is working on the design and development of innovative services for the collection, transportation and treatment of end-of-life packaging.

29 december 2022

Recognition by MASE

The Consortium is recognized by the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security (MASE) by Ministerial Decree n. 547 of 29 December 2022.