A new vision
for the Packaging chain

Erion Packaging identifies itself as an authoritative and qualified presence in its dealings with institutions, for trade associations and for all stakeholders on issues concerning the packaging management system, by developing studies, surveys and research as well as communication, information and awareness raising initiatives. The Consortium is active in the design and development of innovative methods of collection and recycling of end-of-life packaging.

Collaboration with insititutions

Erion Packaging ensures an effective and proactive collaboration with stakeholders and, to this end, contributes to the implementation of initiatives for the improvement of EPR systems and the evolution of relevant regulations, always taking into account the different needs and expectations.

Erion can count on a dedicated team constantly engaged in European research projects for the development of the circular economy. Being able to look to the future also means investing in technological and organizational innovation to identify solutions capable of enhancing system performance. Engaging with the various chain stakeholders, focusing attentions and resources towards wide-ranging strategic programs, represent for the Compliance Scheme a priority capable of generating added value.