Always in compliance,
without any worries.

Erion Packaging supports EEE and B&A Producers in easily and safely dealing with all regulatory requirements under Legislative Decree 152/2006 in the field of Packaging Waste.

Erion Packaging Members can count on a qualified and professional team able to provide timely and dedicated support on all Environmental Declarations by the Producer.

In addition to assistance on all matters relating to the various decrees and envisaged obligations, the Collective Scheme makes available to its associates a wide portfolio of services.

Fast check

Fast check is a service consisting of a 1-hour online appointment with our Packaging experts to analyze the Producer’s contribution status. With Fast check, Erion Packaging Members receive a personalized check on the compliance of their environmental declarations, as well as an assessment on the improvements and optimizations of the same. Each Producer who decides to take advantage of the Fast check service will receive a report with all the most relevant information emerged during the meeting.

Producers operating in other European Union countries are required to declare their volumes of Packaging released for consumption on the market. Here, too, Erion Packaging provides comprehensive assistance to safely comply with regulations in force abroad. The “EU27 Declaration” service guarantees:

  • analysis of the required national fulfilments;
  • advice on all doubts relating to your declaration;
  • possible rectifications for non-declaration;
  • periodic declaration procedures;
  • training/information.

Foreign Producers who do not have a registered office in Italy and sell their packaged products on the Italian territory can, on a voluntary basis, take the place of the importer to fulfil national legal obligations (Legislative Decree 152/2006). In this regard, the legislation provides for the appointment of an Authorized Representative responsible for fulfilling the obligations falling on the Producer. In order to facilitate this process, Erion Packaging Members can take advantage of an Authorized Packaging Representative.

This is possible thanks to the exclusive partnership with Eco Legal Counsel, a legal consulting firm that provides Authorized Representative services to foreign entities, guaranteeing the regulatory power of attorney and the completion of all electronic registration and communication procedures to the Registry.

Updates, training seminars, guides and manuals, newsletters: Erion Packaging has numerous tools available for its Members to ensure that they always kept informed and updated on the latest regulatory news and not only.