A tailor-made

Whatever your needs,
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In addition to technical and regulatory expertise, Erion Packaging makes specific resources available to provide Erion System Producers with a 360-degree service, including telephone consulting, dedicated workshops and ad-hoc projects.

Eco-design consulting

Erion Packaging provides Producers with support to improve the eco-design of Packaging, aiming for a more efficient use of resources that can ensure environmental, economic and social sustainability.

The eco-design service covers all stages of packaging production and management from manufacture to end-of-life, to the certification of its recyclability.

At a time when sustainability is an important plus for companies wishing to implement or strengthen their sustainability strategy and at the same time consolidate their green image, Erion Packaging offers specific services and customized consulting to support Members from a circular economy perspective in the transition towards virtuous business models capable of combining environmental protection and economic efficiency.