Packaging Waste

More than 79 million tons of Packaging Waste are generated each year in Europe. Of these, 65pc is recycled.

In Italy, in 2020, packaging released for consumption was 13.1 million tons, of which 9.1 million, or 73pc, were recycled.

Packaging Waste is characterized by the presence of recyclable materials such as, among others, paper, wood and plastic that, if managed properly, can be recovered and reused creating new resources according to the principle of circular economy.

It is the responsibility of the Producers of Packaging to establish, coordinate and finance systems for the collection and treatment of related waste in compliance with environmental regulations (Legislative Decree 152/2006), as well as the organization of measures to prevent and reduce its production by promoting its reuse and recycling.


Erion Packaging ensures the management of packaging included in two macro-categories:


Packaging from the industrial and commercial circuit


Packaging from the household circuit

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