What do we do

Erion Packaging is the national non-profit Compliance Scheme dedicated to Producers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) and Batteries for the management of Packaging Waste related to their products and for the provision of ad-hoc services from a circular economy perspective.

Each Erion Packaging service has been designed according to the strictest environmental standards.

Erion Packaging will enable its Producers to benefit from a simplification of the declaration procedure when placing products on the market.

In addition, with Erion Packaging, companies will be able to obtain specialized support to achieve the correct environmental labelling of Packaging and perfect all processes that ensure the recyclability and eco-sustainability of their products.

The role of Erion Packagingalong the entire value chain is aimed at combining the reduction of the environmental impacts generated by the products with the efficiency of a sustainable business model.

Erion Packaging responds to the needs of Producers also through the development of industry innovation initiatives and projects while always maintaining, in the interest of its Members, a productive and constant relationship with all stakeholders in the chain.

Erion Packaging not only ensures full regulatory compliance, but is a valuable support for everything related to Extended Producer Responsibility and the implementation of the circular economy in businesses.

Thanks to its strategic partnership with the services company Interzero Italy, Erion Packaging is able to offer an even more efficient service, with dedicated information and operating models capable of integrating data from all parties involved (Collection Centres, logistics operators and treatment plants), ensuring the full traceability of all packaging under the Producer Responsibility Organisation responsibility.