Erion Packaging financing model

Erion Packaging’s financing model includes an annual fee of €160, intended to cover administrative and support costs, and the Erion Packaging Contribution (E.P.C.).

2024 Fees

The E.P.C. is related to the specific packaging material and to the destination channel, expressed in euro/tons, necessary to finance the management of all activities aimed at pursuing regulatory targets.


Domestic channel: €30/ton

Industrial/commercial channel: €25/ton

Industrial/commercial channel: €7/ton

Domestic channel: €440/ton

Industrial/commercial channel: €250/ton

For the Producers who are unable to promptly determine the weight of the packaging of technological products put on the market, two simplified procedures are provided.

The rates

Simplified procedure on the value
: 0.056%
Simplified procedure on the tare: €62/ton

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