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Erion Packaging is the newly formed national non-profit Collective Scheme for Producers and importers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) and Batteries and Accumulators (BA), which seeks to identify itself as a virtuous model for fulfilling in a sustainable and certified way the obligations provided for by the sector regulations on the management of packaging waste related to EEE and BA.

An ambitious project that stems from the vision of two leaders in their sector: Erion System, of which Erion Packaging is part, and Interseroh, a multinational company belonging to the ALBA Group (DE) and operating in the field of environmental services and recycling, with particular reference to packaging waste and its management systems.



Producer Responsability

Thanks to this partnership and the strong orientation towards innovation, the creation of Erion Packaging will allow the provision of services designed according to the most rigorous environmental standards and specifically aimed at commercial and distribution chains, constituting the ideal choice for Producers who do not only intend to meet regulatory requirements, but are looking for a high-level business partner for consolidating and enhancing their social and environmental commitment and benefit from the implementation of circular management models.

The Erion Packaging project does not only represent a simpler and more convenient management of all legal obligations, but intends to represent a real opportunity for improving the system in terms of quality and efficiency, building a new specific paradigm also through sector innovation projects and advanced collection models.

Erion Packaging is part of Erion, a multi-compliance system for the management of all waste associated with electronic products, with a solid heritage in terms of authoritativeness, efficiency and quality. It originates from the strategic vision, experience and success of the two most representative WEEE Consortia, Ecodom and Remedia, which have always been a point of reference for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) systems.

The Members of the two Consortia decided to establish an innovative entity capable of seizing market opportunities by interconnecting the various actors in the chain and ensuring the highest standards of treatment, transparency, safety and operational efficiency in full compliance with environmental regulations, creating value for the benefit of stakeholders, society and the environment.

The Erion System is made up of four non-profit Collective Scheme providing regulatory compliance services, with transversal and specific skills along different type of waste streams:


For Producers who place Professional Electrical and Electronic Equipment on the market.


Ensures to the Producers compliance with legislation relating to the Waste from Batteries and Accumulators.


It combines and builds on the excellence of Ecodom and Remedia in the management of Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment.


Erion Packaging ensures and supports the implementation of all the legal requirements for the proper management of Packaging waste associated with EEE and WBA.

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Find out how to become a member of the most important Italian Extended Producer Responsibility system for the management of WEEE, Battery and Packaging Producers. A single service for every need.